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About Al-Kabaely

The company has established in 2012 in Al-Sadat City – Egypt, to produce confectionery products, and started production in 2014 with tea biscuits and sandwich biscuits with vision to produce all kind of biscuits by high quality.
“Alkabaely Approach” We believe that, if we respect our customers by providing them the high quality and valued products, we will get their satisfactions.

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Quality system

controlled by high quality system, and we have took in our consideration the current production lines and the coming projects.

  • Bashka
  •       Plain
  • Tableno
  •       Sandwich filled in chocolate flavored cream
          Sandwich filled in vanilla flavored cream
  • Sesto
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Why us

Human resource

We have 100 employee ,have gotten high training course to be qualified in his position ,to get from them the highest efficiency ,and keep them in safe circumstances, with tracking system for them performance.

Finance Department

there are computerized system,which control all the process in the factory with qualified finance team.

Production department

we have hired team who were expert in confectionary field, and have the ability to work as team with good ethiecs.

Sales department

we have own logistic management, which cover whole Egypt country.

R&D department

There are two department under this management, with creative thinking, practical inspiration vision.

Marketing department

There are a qualified team who make good research to get the customer satisfaction and lead our team for this purpose.

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